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Coaching for Performance & Engagement

Your Organization. Your Opportunity.

80% of teams and organizations fail to achieve their strategic goals and vision. Only 33% of your employees are showing up actively engaged in their work and contributing to your success. And 40% of your employees likely don't know, understand, or can describe their unique contribution to the team.


If you're like most organizations you've tried hiring more people or "team-building" workshops. These rarely work because they don't address the underlying habits and self-knowledge needed for success.

The Strengths-based teams I help build achieve their goals by ensuring that each team member understands their innate talents and can align their talents to team and individual goals.


7% to 12% increase in sales
and profit


8% increase in individual productivity and 12% increase in team productivity.


70% active engagement and <1% active disengagement.


3x less likely employees will experience burnout.

Strengths Coaching Results
Game Strategy Plan

Your Team

The teams I work best with

  • You have a high level of trust among your team members.

  • You have ambitious, specific goals you're committed to achieving.

  • You are open to exploring changes to job responsibilities, regardless of job descriptions.

  • You want to work better together as a team; improve your team alignment.

Startup Team

"Although individuals need not be well-rounded, [high performing] teams should be."

Tom Rath, author of "Strengths-Based Leadership"

CliftonStrengths Impact

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You build habits

Most coaching offerings in the market are really just a series of episodic coaching events (coaching workshops & sessions), that rarely build new habits of performance.

I'm different.

Utilizing e2Grow's methodology & digital platform, I help you and your team to develop new habits that allow you strengthen your talents and consistently align them so you can bring them to bear on your most pressing projects and goals. 


Robert L. - Business Professor

The work with Chad was excellent in terms of getting [my] students to candidly reflect on what they brought to their respective consulting teams and then to discuss how their teams could successfully function given the diversity of skill sets in each of them. Chad is knowledgeable, supportive and very skillful in moving the group discussion along. I recommend him to any organization that is depending on successful team functioning to attain whatever goals it has set for itself. On an individual employee level, Chad is able to give people a better sense of their own capabilities and possible future directions. Again, I'd recommend him for anyone who wants their staff to increase their self-awareness and personal efficacy!

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