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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What is Strengths-based coaching?

Strengths-based coaching focuses on understanding, applying, and developing your most natural talents; the ways you innately think, feel, and behave. This allows you, with some outside perspective, to understand how to use "what you do best" to address and accomplish your goals - as a team or as an individual.

Can I book an exploratory conversation?

Absolutely! You want to make sure this might be a good fit; as do I. Please book an appointment so we can start talking.

What are your coaching fees for teams or organizations?

Each team is different so each coaching engagement is different.

It is important to know that we don't offer single-workshop coaching. (The research shows these aren't effective and we want to help you be effective with your training budget.)

Instead, we focus on coaching engagements that range from three (3) to 12 months; depending on the needs and size of your team or organization.

What are your coaching fees for individuals?

Each client is different so each coaching engagement is different. The best way for us to come up with a solution (and cost) that works best for you is to schedule an exploratory conversation.

Do you offer Strengths-based workshops?

We occasionally offer group workshops for introducing Strengths-based principles and practices. These are offered virtually or in-person on our schedule so people can learn from us and consider whether a longer team coaching engagement might be right for themselves and/or their team(s).

We DO NOT provide single, stand-alone, workshops for individual teams or organizations.

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