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About Us

Strengths Focused. Habit Driven. Sports Inspired.

At its core, Talent and Teams Consulting is a Strengths-based coaching organization founded and run by Chad T. Ahern

Chad's coaching approach always starts by identifying and understanding the talents of each individual or team he works with through the lens of the CliftonStrengths assessment. Based on your goals, or those of your team, Chad personalizes his approach to help you match talents to action. 

As a licensed Grassroots US Youth Soccer coach, Chad also brings and integrates lesson and coaching approaches from team sports.

My Why

These ideals drive why I do what I do as a coach:

  1. We should all be fully engaged in our work. Work shouldn't "suck".

  2. Our unique Strengths should drive our success. People should be able to achieve their goals by understanding and utilizing the best of themselves.

  3. Leaders must become coaches in order to help others develop each team member's talents. The age of top-down leadership is coming to a close.

  4. Strengths-informed engagement provides a unique opportunity to address challenging workforce demographic changes.

I started Talent and Teams Consulting in 2015 with a desire to grow a new generation of Strengths-focused, leaders and organizations.  

I desire to see organizations understand, develop, and capitalize on the unique, awesome, and innate talents each person brings to work. In launching and supporting such organizations, I want to help people re-discover their passion and more fully engage with meaningful work.


Based on my personal experiences and the conversations I've shared with current and future leaders, it is my sincere belief that we need to rethink the way we work...

  • We need to move from top-down management to coaching.

  • We need to move from standardized jobs to individualizing how people accomplish their work.

  • We need each person to be as involved as possible because our workforce is shrinking.

  • We need each person to understand the unique value they bring to each initiative and organization they contribute to.

Coaching Promise

I promise to learn about you as a unique person or team, offer thoughtful questions, and help you identify patterns you might not yet be aware of. Above all, I'll keep you accountable for the actions you decide to take.

Ideals for Our Work Together

This is about YOU. You are in the driver's seat. My coaching focuses on who you are and what changes you want to make in your life. I promise to bring a fresh perspective, but I will never pretend to have all the answers for you. Some people come into personal coaching thinking the coach is going to tell you what to do or where to go. This isn't the case when working with me.


You're going to create new habits. More than 60% of our daily routines are habitual activities. Your Strengths-based coaching experienced will include building new habits, allowing you to take maximum advantage of your innate talents. Just as athletes get better by doing the same drills in preparation of game day, we'll work together to build your habits to prepare you for your work day.

I'm going to push you. Our coaching sessions will be collaborative; they will also include us identifying some actions that will encourage growth and change. Sometimes this will feel uncomfortable. I will provide you encouragement and a gentle nudge to embrace these changes.

Your success is my success. Change can be tough, but in the end it will be worth it. I'll be right beside you cheering your every success.

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