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Individual Coaching

Improve how you lead, contribute, and playing to your #strengths.

Your Potential. 
Your Performance.

  • You feel you're destined for greatness, but can't figure out how to get there. 

  • You want to contribute to your work and your life in a way that feels authentic. 

  • You have goals you want to achieve, but feel yourself exhausted every time you pursue them.

  • You know you're different from everyone else, but you can't quite define what makes you "unique."

  • You want a way to better explain your value to those with whom you live and work.

  • You keep trying to "fix" yourself to fit others' expectations, and it just isn't working out.

Athletes benefit from coaches because coaches can see, assess, and then plan how to best develop and position players.

The same can be true for you as a working professional. 

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Strengths Based Coaching

Strengths-based coaching focuses on understanding and utilizing your God-given, innate ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving -- your talents -- that be productively applied to your goals. 

Many of us discount these talents because they are just "who we are." We often think everyone thinks and works the same we do. 

Working together, we'll use two tools to help you understand your talents and develop habits that bring your talents to life in your work:


  • The CliftonStrengths assessment will identify your innate talents, and;

  • The e2grow platform will help you develop further understanding of your talents and encourage you to build new Strengths-based habits.


Instead of trying to fix "what's wrong," we focus on what is right.

Bridge Over River

Your Coaching

You are different than everyone else. You likely have different needs than everyone else.

This means you need a coaching experience that's tailored to you.

I offer coaching engagements as short as a 90-mins. CliftonStrengths debrief sessions to multi-month, in-depth, Strengths performance & alignment engagements. Your best move is to get in touch so I can talk about what's best for you. 



More likely to be engaged in your work.


More likely to have opportunities to do what you do best.


More likely to report a higher quality of life.

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Devin Littlefield

Chad's ability to utilize Strengths-based coaching challenged me to better understand my own strengths and leverage those in a way that has produced immediate benefit in my work. I highly recommend working with Chad. His services have proven to be invaluable!

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