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Talent & Teams Consulting

Strengths-Based Coaching by Chad T. Ahern

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Play to your Strengths. Engage in your Work. Achieve your Success.

Talent and Teams Consulting offers Strengths-based coaching to organizations, teams, leaders, and individual contributors. My approach integrates athletic team principles and habit forming activities that allow teams and individuals to align their innate talents with their most important goals. 

Teams & Organizations

Only 33% of your employees are actively engaged in moving your organization forward. 40% of your employees likely don't know or understand their unique contribution to their team.


I want to help you build a workplace where 100% of your employees contribute to your success and your team members know how to align & contribute their best.


You have goals and want to be successful. 

You want to understand how to combine & use your innate talents with your learned skills and knowledge.

Just as elite athletes have coaches, I'm here to enhance your professional performance.


These organizations trusted me to develop stronger

teams and better leaders...

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What would happen if we started focusing on what is right with people, rather than fixing what is wrong?

Dr. Donald Clifton

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Chad T. Ahern

Your Coach

Inspired and informed by a blend of Strengths-based and athletic coaching principles, I work with teams, organizations, leaders and individuals to help them perform better to achieve success by aligning and developing their innate talents.


In doing so, I seek to improve employee engagement; providing competitive advantages in:

  • team & individual productivity,

  • employee retention, and,

  • workplace burnout prevention.


I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you. Get in touch to learn more.

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