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Just as sports players come to the sideline for rest and guidance, this blog is meant to provide you some insight and guidance as you explore your Strengths journey.

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Strengths Positioning: Finishers

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Just as you need defense & stability, and the ability to transition a plan into action; you also need team members to help you finish.

In the game of soccer, these are your forwards.

In the world of work, these individuals do their best when pushing toward the finale.

On the Field

Forwards help by continuously looking toward the goal. They may often wait for the ball to make it's way up the field, but once it's on their feet they want to find a way (or ways) to put it by the goalie and into the net. Their willingness to embrace and thrive under the limelight and put the expectations of their teammates and their fans on their shoulders takes pressure off others and energizes them. They possess incredible abilities to create for themselves (and others) even as entire opposing teams pour out extraordinary efforts to stop them.

Here is one video highlighting some of these amazing traits. (Here and here are some others.)

In Business

In the world of business, teams don't often finish without these "forward" thinkers & do-ers. Your backline might create the initial data analysis or project plan. Your "transitioners" help take a project from its infancy, develop & refine it further, and bring it forward.

Beyond this, you need people who are focused in taking projects across the finish line. They need to thread through and around the last few obstacles -- a tightening budget, a fraying business collaboration, or the arrival of a new competitor. These "finishing" team members:

  • Demonstrate extraordinary creativity,

  • Always keep their eyes focused "up field",

  • Focus on maximizing every chance, as they know their opportunities may be limited,

  • Enjoy the spotlight and want to ensure their team members efforts weren't in vain,

  • Maintain incredible focus on the end result,

  • Enjoy beating others to the end goal.

Neither a soccer ball nor your most innovative idea gets across the goal line without these talented individuals.

Now, if we continue the analogy from my last two posts and start to consider each of Gallup CliftonStrengths talent themes as a unique player, here are some of the talent-players you might find playing a "finishing"-like role:

  • Achiever - wants to ensure every project is a "score".

  • Competition - thrives beating your competition. Put them in range, and watch them go,

  • Focus - maintains a singular focus on the end goal, and will do nearly anything to ensure it happens.

  • Futuristic - always looking " up field" for the next opportunity.

  • Ideation - those always using a move no one ever thought of to solve

  • Individualization - taking a unique approach to address each situation and finish each project

  • Learner - learns what s/he needs about the what remains to be done; then defines what still needs to be done.

  • Maximizer - wants to ensure what chances they are given are executed in the best way possible

  • Positivity - is always sharing their optimism that they will succeed

  • Significance - makes sure that the efforts of others are fully fulfilled. Their success is others success.

Looking Forward

As your team and organization might shrink, grow, and/or morph in the coming months and years, it's important to consider how you position and coach your team members so they can share their best and impact your team in the best way possible.

To help you, be sure to sign up to receive my upcoming Strengths Positioning Guide.

Cover photo by Alyssa Ledesma on Unsplash

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