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Just as sports players come to the sideline for rest and guidance, this blog is meant to provide you some insight and guidance as you explore your Strengths journey.

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Talents & Burnout: Command®


People exceptionally talented in Command® theme have presence. They take control of a situation and make decisions." - Gallup CliftonStrengths Themes Quick Reference Guide -

Burnout Concern

People with Command® talents are "take charge" people. Yet, with so many organizations furloughing significant portions of their workforce and limiting new initiatives, people with Command® talents can start to feel like they have little to stand up for – whether it’s their people, or their team’s ideas.

Addressing Burnout

Times of change require people to step up, make some hard decisions, and stand by them. Your team members with Command talents are people you can count on to do just that. When using their talents most effectively they can also be true champions for your team. To help them avoid frustration and burnout as we all redefine our world of work, consider these actions:

  • Put them front and center as potential spokespeople for the organization. Give them a place to use their presence in a meaningful way.

  • Have them champion new initiatives. The new world of work is at an inflection point; let them give voice to ideas and programs that support meaningful change.

  • Partner them with someone with high Communication® to develop communication channels that advocate for new business practices.

  • Explore whether they can use their Command® talents to advocate for front-line workers (healthcare, first responders, etc.) and for valid health practices.

  • Look outside your organization to see if they can use their talents to advocate for causes and organizations where they can use their voice and decision-making prowess to make an impact in the community.

As with coaching any individual, their combined set of talent themes will effect how their Command®​ talents show up, and how to best manage them. As a beginning, next time you check-in with them, ask,

What do you want to take a stand on, right now?

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