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Just as sports players come to the sideline for rest and guidance, this blog is meant to provide you some insight and guidance as you explore your Strengths journey.

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Strengths Positioning: Belief

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

A foosball table, denoting that Arranger talents can move players into the right position - in soccer and in business.
Steward of the team's core values.

Leaders, and colleagues, need to position people on work project teams effectively and efficiently to ensure work gets done and people stay engaged. A lot of leaders spend too much time trying to guess where to put people because they don't have a point of reference.

What follows is a "scouting report" for those with Belief® talents, as identified via the CliftonStrengths assessment.

If you are a leader or a colleague of someone with Belief talents, consider how you can best position them in the context of your team and your projects. You can also use this as a discussion piece to find out how they see and use their Belief talents.

Each person with Belief talents operates differently. Make sure you're not missing out on their unique contribution.

Scouting Report

Helping your team remember what’s important and who they are at their core.


Ways in which this team member can make a direct and immediate impact. Use these insights to consider where you place them on the team or in an organization.

  • The Bedrock - Those with Belief talents possess a steadiness about them. When they are put in positions to voice and reinforce foundational principles of your team, they can raise the bar of what the collective team finds morally, ethically, and practically acceptable.

  • Life Integrator - Individuals with Belief talents have a tendency to be altruistic and family-oriented. As such, they can help your entire team remember that there is life beyond the workplace and that there is (likely) a greater purpose to work than earning the next dollar. Consider positioning these individuals to contribute to (or lead) well-being initiatives for your team, or lead community service outreach.


Ways in which people with this theme might "overplay" their talents.

  • They might develop a stringent view in how they feel their personal values or the team's values should be lived out. While commitment to their values should be celebrated, make sure they don't hold others to unrealistic expectations in how values are lived out.

  • Their altruistic tendencies may lead them to over-commit to external / community organizations. This may take them away from engaging with their primarily work teams. Help them figure out a better balance of helping their team, and helping their community.

Talent Combos / Position Modification

  • Responsibility: "A Values-Driven Defender" - Those with Responsibility talents already have a penchant for "holding the line" and ensuring every task & promise is fulfilled. When you combine that drive with the altruistic tendencies of those with Belief, you get a team member willing to jump in and help anyone in need. On the soccer field, you'll notice this person to be the first to jump in and double-team an opposing player. In business, this team member will jump in and "double-team" your most pressing initiative. Just be sure to help them not "double-team" too many initiatives at once. Just as one defender can't adequately guard four offensive players; it is unlikely that you'll get the best support by spreading these individuals too thin.

  • Significance: "The Impassioned Forward" - Team members embodying Belief + Significance talents combo may serve the team well by being positioned "out in front". Their Belief talents will guide their direction; though their direction may be less about the precise goal and more about they way(s) in which they achieve it. Their Significance talents will help them carry the weight and attention of the team as they move forward. This combo is quite synonymous with an impassioned team captain carrying the team colors on to the field before a game.

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