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Just as sports players come to the sideline for rest and guidance, this blog is meant to provide you some insight and guidance as you explore your Strengths journey.

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Coaching does not happen overnight

It's natural to look for the quick fix; the "one-shot special" that will help you reach your goal in an instant. Thus, many people come to coaching thinking it's a one-and-done kind of experience.

If you've played a sport, performed in band, or acted in a play then you know that the coach, conductor, or director doesn't just show up once at the first practice and then leave you to your own devices.

Instead, they guide you through daily drills, exercises, and rehearsals that allow you to become better through practice. They also give you the space to experiment, fine-tune, and even fail on your path toward improvement.

  • Pele didn't become Pele overnight.

  • The US Women's Soccer team didn't dominate after a week together.

  • Elon Musk's success with PayPal didn't come from his first coding project.

The same is true when it comes to developing your talents. Your talents might be innate but to perfect their application you need to rehearse how you plan to develop them. You also need an outside perspective to help you identify ways in which you apply your talents. You need time to integrate each new "ah-ha" moment and determine what it means for you.

This is why I encourage prospective clients and others looking to develop their talents to seriously consider engaging with a Strengths coach over a period of time.

Workshops, presentations, and Introductory sessions have a place in the process. They provide opportunities for people to be introduced to Strengths principles, their talents, and the talents of others, but the impact of such engagements is often limited.

To truly get the most out of coaching you really should commit to making it a regular occurrence..

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